The Center for School-Community Collaboration (CSCC) is located in the School of Education within Virginia Commonwealth University. Initially, the Center provided training programs for school personnel, parents and community leaders that focused on the prevention of youth alcohol and other drug use. This training has expanded to include additional programs that address issues negatively impacting youth, schools, and communities: youth violence, gang activity, school crisis, bullying, truancy and school drop-out.

The guiding principle of the Center is that community-wide action based on collaboration and cooperation is essential to overcoming negative, destructive factors and to promoting healthy, resilient, productive youth. The Center's training emphasizes community team efforts, and it provides follow-up technical assistance for parent, school and community groups.

Several state agencies and local education agencies have utilized the skills and expertise provided by the CSCC. The Center has also served as grant manager for initiatives through the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, including the VA Strategic Prevention Framework State Incentive Grant (SPF-SIG).

Starting in late 2014, the Center added two new projects:

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How to Use Our Web Site

To the right, we list updates and news involving the Center, prevention and SPF - both the approach and the SIG awards.

On our menu, you see links to areas we cover, including:

  • Training - topics that the Center addresses both individually and in meeting/conference settings
  • School Resources - topics of concern to educators and parents, and resources on each
  • SPF SIG - information and resources pertaining to the Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF), the SPF SIG award, the awardees, and resources specific to our target; a secure link is provided to the awardees (Awardees Home)
  • Prevention Clearinghouse (PCH) - the section of our web site that provides a one-stop shop to all sorts of resources about all levels of prevention. We are still building on our information, so stay tuned for updates.

We invite you to please take a tour of our site and information and contact us if you have any specific requests or needs. Please check back often, as we update our web site frequently.

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