About The Center

The core purpose, or mission, of the CSCC is to assist Virginia schools, communities, and government agencies in responding to emerging needs in prevention of unhealthy youth behaviors and promotion of positive outcomes.

We fulfill this purpose through:

  • Building capacity – offering training, providing technical assistance, supporting policy development, sharing data and other information, and managing grants
  • Making connections – connecting schools, communities, and agencies with one another and with relevant resources
  • Advancing prevention science – promoting the use of best practices and the application of prevention science, while supporting and conducting relevant research and scholarship

Our vision is that all professionals supporting Virginia's youth are effectively applying prevention science in their work – and by doing so are building stronger communities throughout the Commonwealth.

Services the Center Provides

  • Information - Up-to-date information about alcohol and other drugs and their effects, gang prevention/intervention, as well as information regarding the most effective approaches to comprehensive programs.
  • Needs Assessment - Short-term or long-term needs assessing and program planning to help identify school/community problems, develop goals and objectives, outline training and technical assistance needs and evaluate outcomes.
  • Training - Prevention training and skill-building in a variety of critical areas. In-service programs for school and community leaders are arranged to accommodate various schedules and sites.
  • Speakers and Consultants - Recommendations for a variety of programs, trainings or activities, using an active file of carefully selected speakers and consultants, experts in the their fields.
“School officials, to be successful, must be able to see in the dark and hear without sounds.”
–Dr. Bernard James, Pepperdine University
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