Prevention Clearinghouse

The Prevention Clearinghouse (PCH) is the portion of the CSCC web site that offers materials, information and news for the prevention community. Many times we will also offer items of interest for the community at large, but our main emphasis is on aiding those looking for assistance in conducting prevention interventions.

PCH offers a listing of assets available. Please look below for items that interest you. We will adding more structure in the near future.

Prevention Tools

  • Risk and Preventive Factors - There are many different and interrelated causes of problems and desired outcomes. If an organization or individual can understand these causes, their interventions and interactions can better focus on making improvement. Having a good understanding of risk and protective factors (R&P factors) that may be at least partially responsible for a particular problem or desired outcome and the targeted population provide an excellent base from which to develop or choose strategies for your initiative. Our page provides details about R&P factors.

Facebook links

Listed below are direct links to Facebook pages for organizations and agencies that focus on prevention:

  • - Provides information from various government agencies on what bullying and cyber-bullying are, who is at risk, and how you can prevent and respond to bullying.
  • Stop Bullying: Speak Up - Raises awareness of how parents, educators and kids can prevent bullying.
  • SAMHSA - The elements of the vision of the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) are: Behavioral Health is Essential to Health; Prevention Works; Treatment is Effective; and People Recover.
  • ASAC - The Appalachian Substance Abuse Coalition for Prevention and Treatment (ASAC) provides Southwest Virginia a path to inform and engage its communities to understand, own, and address the epidemic of substance abuse and misuse.
  • SAVVY - The Substance Abuse Awareness Vital for Virginia Youth (SAVVY) initiative is a collaborative effort among state agencies and community partners to promote successful substance abuse prevention efforts and work collaboratively for the benefit of Virginia's Youth by encouraging local communities to get educated and get involved.
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